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Luego de un análisis de mercado, trazamos la estrategia digital para la empresa, utilizando el blog y las redes sociales que más convengan según el mercado al que nos dirigimos, con contenidos que atraigan la atención de los potenciales clientes
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Digital Mkt

What is our labor ?



We make the blog posts on the websites in different languages and our main goal is to try everything inherent to positioning the site and hence the mark on the first page of Google through organic or natural search.


We are dedicated to create the right profile for your business on the various social networks and publications in each portal. We set the number of publications , the time and form , for businesses with different characteristics.

Content Marketing



We create interesting and convincing content, recognizing the needs of customers; interesting and useful to their expectations. The content may be a text, a video or image.


This can be used in blogs, web pages , social networks or other platforms where information is shared. We integrate the rest of the information to complete the results that will launch a Content Marketing Strategy.

Today is one of the main tools to make your brand attractive, create audience, increase visibility, improve search engine rankings (Google, Yahoo and Bing), increasing the influence of the brand to attract customers.

Create your brand presence in the market through social networks


The most used social network by customers of all ages around the world with more than 900 million users.


The microblog service with more than 500 million users worldwide with a market of young people generally.


The most popular place for Internet users of all ages to view and post videos, with high performance for your business.

Google Plus

Google is already the second most popular social network in the world with approximately 343 million active users.


Photo sharing application in different social networks using different photographic effects, color filters and more.


Another social network for images that allows users to create and manage, Personal thematic boards.


A network of contacts built through direct connections, business and the workplace in general.


It is a web service based in location applied to social networks, for travelers.


A social network that allows users to create and manage high video bit rate and resolution issues limited.

Select social networks focusing on the characteristics of your market

Digital Marketing Strategy



Once we made market analysis, competition, without losing sight of the nature or identity of each business, We trace systematically digital marketing strategy, where we will not let any aspect randomly.


Therefore this plan becomes an integral solution to the current requirement, which is the appropriate way to present your business on the Internet.


This is accomplished through the use of the website Blog, duly separated into categories according to the nature of the information that we manage, generating interest to potential customers, and also the selection and management of the various social networks.

Stats and reports



We make available to each client, management reports and statistics of the website and social networks, with data for determining the health of each business, also to get to the exact measurement of Roi (Return of investment) using data obtained from consumers and high- tech tools that we make available to our customers.

Schedule web consultancy

Why do a web consultancy?


For years we tried to create packages with fixed prices, but they never worked. Each client has their own needs and their way of presenting their services. To make a quote we must have detailed information of the client's expectations in this way we can measure both the level of complexity and delivery times and cost of the project.

For this and other reasons, it is important to carry out a good web consultancy before starting, so that the client takes the time to define what they are looking for before consulting.

We offer the first free web consultancy. But even if with our help the client has not been able to define his idea well according to his expectations, the following consultancies would represent an extra cost.

To carry out a web consultancy you can do it in the following way:

1.- Through skype to the account: websinplaya

2.- Through telephone after completing the following form:

3.- Sending a visit which requires a prior payment. The cost depends on travel expenses depending on where it is located and the hours requested, since they count as itineraries.








Be Part of Our Team

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If you dedicate yourself to Video, Photo, Programming or management of Social Networks and would like to be part of our team. Send us your information through the following form and we will contact you next.

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